Editor’s Pick: Discover 5 attractions near New World Park you can explore on foot

George Town, the capital of Penang, is a vibrant UNESCO World Heritage site known for its good food, well-preserved colonial architecture and rich multicultural heritage. As a place that  seems to be both traditional and modern, this bustling city has no trouble attracting visitors of all ages.

Nestled in the heart of the city is New World Park, a dining and leisure destination that serves as a gateway to some of Penang’s most fascinating sights. Within walking distance from here, you’ll find many attractions that you won’t want to miss. To help you make the most of your time in George Town, we created an itinerary featuring five places that you can easily explore on foot in a day.


Roti Canai Jalan Argyll

A day of adventure must begin with a good breakfast, and Roti Canai Jalan Argyll is the place for that. Started in 1955 as a humble little roti canai stall along Argyll Road, today, it occupies a shoplot on the same road and is known for serving one of the best roti canai in Penang.

You can enjoy your flatbread with dahl, chicken, fish or mutton curry. Don’t forget to order a cup of teh tarik to complete your meal.

This is a popular breakfast spot among tourists and locals alike. The shop is open daily from 6am to 1pm, making it the perfect option for early risers who want to fill their tummy with a hearty breakfast before checking out the many attractions around town.


Georgetown Mansion, Lebuh Clarke

Less than 300m from Roti Canai Jalan Argyll is George Town Mansion. Built in 1897, this colonial-era building is a stunning example of British architecture infused with local influences. Once a private residence, the mansion now stands as a museum and a testament to Penang’s rich cultural history.

Visitors can admire its many household artifacts, antique furniture pieces, and architectural details that showcase the best of East meets West, with its Malay and European influences that will surely take you back in time.

The Georgetown Mansion stands out for highlighting traditional Malay furniture, culture and customs. Each display was carefully curated with fascinating artifacts such as weapons, jewellery and trinkets from the past.

Stepping into the second half of the museum is like stepping back in time into a colonial European mansion with elegant furnishings, artwork and decorative ironwork spiral staircases that would surely keep visitors entertained for hours.

his historical mansion is sure to be a visual feast for both history and architecture buffs.


Kuan Im See Temple, Jalan Burma

No visit to the multicultural city is complete without stopping to bask in the local culture and heritage. Penang’s vast melting pot of various religions and cultures makes it the perfect city to explore on foot, where you can experience Malaysia’s multi-cultural landscape.

For a serene escape from the busy city, head over to Kuan Im See Temple, a beautiful Chinese temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy located along Jalan Burma. The temple is simply a 3-minute walk from George Town Mansion.

The temple was built in approximately 1922, featuring ornate carvings, vibrant colours and traditional Chinese architecture. Visitors would be able to delve into the intricate details of the temple’s architecture like its sweeping roofs, carved pillars, and decorated altars. The temple is usually a hive of activity when it lights up during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

This unique place of worship offers a glimpse into one of the many traditional Taoist temples found in Penang.


Wesley Methodist Church Penang, Jalan Burma

Walk for another few minutes down Jalan Burma and you’ll come face to face with another prominent place of worship – Wesley Methodist Church Penang.

With a history that can be traced back to 1891, this church is one of the oldest Methodist churches in Malaysia. The elegant building features Gothic architectural elements such as its arched windows, columns and intricately carved stonework.

Besides hosting services in multiple languages weekly, the church is also a community hub that regularly organises events that welcome visitors from all walks of life.

Its historical significance as one of the first churches in Penang, as well as the grandeur of its unmistakable 60-foot-tall tower make it an iconic landmark in George Town today.


The TOP Penang, Jalan Penang

For a dose of modern entertainment and breathtaking views, make your way to The TOP Penang at Komtar. This iconic skyscraper is home to the Rainbow Skywalk, an open-air glass walkway offering panoramic views of Penang.

The TOP also offers a variety of themed attractions, such as Tech Dome, which features over 120 interactive science and technology exhibits. The Jurassic Research Center is the place to be for fans of dinosaurs. If you prefer animals that are truer to current life, you can pay The Top Boutique Aquarium a visit. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience with your kids or a leisurely day out, The TOP has something for everyone.

After a day of nonstop fun and adventure, a hearty dinner of local delights can be enjoyed at New World Park Food City to rest your tired feet and refuel your body. The food court is open until midnight, so you can take your time to savour the wide range of local delights available.

If you are still feeling energetic and ready for more fun after dinner, you can pop into the nearby Loud Speaker Family Karaoke to belt out your favourite songs with your friends and family.

The area around New World Park is filled with culinary delights and cultural landmarks that truly capture the essence of Penang. Make sure to add these five must-visit spots to your itinerary for a memorable vacation.