Save the environment by wearing reusable masks (and here’s how you can get a free one!)

In the spirit of embracing the new normal, many of us are required to wear masks when leaving our homes. Disposable masks are extremely convenient as we just toss them into the trash after using them.


But have you ever thought of the negative environmental impact disposable surgical masks have on our planet?


Many environmental groups in Malaysia have called disposable masks ‘the new plastic bags’ as many of these single-use masks are made with plastic, which is non-biodegradable. In case you didn’t know, plastic often takes hundreds of years to break down. There’s the harsh reality that every plastic item such as plastic bags or plastic bottles ever made is still around somewhere in our oceans or in our landfills.


With indiscriminate dumping by some who simply toss their used masks everywhere, it can lead to wild animals, such as birds and marine creatures mistaking them as food and suffocating on them. As such, we need to consider switching to more environmentally sustainable options like a reusable fabric masks.


Many are selling reusable fabric masks, but wait! Did you know you can get one for free?


Visitors can redeem an exclusive New World Park reusable fabric face mask and go green while looking stylish!


Just spend RM60 in a maximum of two combined receipts at any of our merchants, then redeem your mask from our Management offices from 3rd November to 31st December 2020. Our offices are open from 9am to 6pm every Monday to Friday, except public holidays.